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Assignment 4

Interactive Installation Art Collaboration 

Through means of your choice create an interactive art installation. Interactive Art is a form of art that involves the spectator in a way that allows the art to achieve its purpose. I encourage you to work in groups of up to three to collaborate on this project. While we work on this project we will cover the subjects of project collaboration and interactive art in detail.  
The interactive art installation is due 4/1/13.


Sketchbook Assignment
For this assignment I would like you to create a proposal for your interactive art installation. Many times galleries and art competitions ask artists to write a proposal. The proposal is an explanation of an art project. Below are the guidelines for writing your proposal due March 11th

Art Proposal Guidelines

Write a Proposal for your Installation
To exhibit in a gallery or whatever the venue might be an artist in most cases is asked to write a proposal outlining how the artist plans to use that space. Many venues have a list of what should be contained in the proposal but here is what they generally ask for in a proposal:

I. Opening Letter
The opening letter should contain the goals and intentions of the project you have in mind.
The project should be introduced as a solid concept that can be supported by the images and descriptions found in the proposal. The opening letter is usually in the form of a paragraph around 150 words.

II. Physical Project Description
This section should include the actual materials of the installation, how they are constructed, measurements, where they will be placed in the space, and how the physical makeup of the project
relates to your initial concept. Images can be used in this section along with the physical descriptions.

III. Curatorial Guidelines
This puts in place the responsibilities of the curator. Responsibilities can include advertising the
exhibit, preparing the space, placing the work, and then taking the work down when the exhibit is

IV. CV of Artist
A CV or Curriculum vitae is basically a resume that includes past exhibition experience, related
awards including grants, scholarships, and residencies. This allows the venue to look at your past
experiences with exhibiting your work and to see other aspect of your career as an artist.

V. Logistical requirements
In this section you will explain how you will get your work to the space, what is needed to
properly install the work, and any other physical things needed to properly exhibit the work in the
designated space.

VI. Funding
You need to list the costs of the project and exhibit. In some cases a venue may help to pay some of
these costs or the artist can find outside funding through grants and other art supporting funds.

VII. Contact Details
Contact information is needed first off so the venue can contact to either accept or decline your
proposal. If accepted then contact information is needed if there are any maintenance
issues or questions about the project.

Once you have written and gathered images for the proposal usually the venue will ask that you mail it or email it to them. For this assignment I would like your proposal to be placed in some kind of binder or presentation style folder. All materials especially written work should be clear and understandable!

Proposals will be due March 11.

Call For Art Examples

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