Monday, February 11, 2013

Assigment 3

Performance Art Video

Create a video performance at least two minutes long that uses human subjects as performers, either yourself or someone who you would like to perform for you. The performance can be very abstract and stripped down like Fluxus and Dada examples or more cinematic like the contemporary example Mathey Barney's Creamaster. The audio for your performance should be from the sounds collected from the classes' instruments and any other sounds you create yourself. The audio from the instruments we made in class will be handed out for everyone to use. Your Video Performance will be due, March 4.

Sketchbook Assignment
Draw up a stroyboard, write a script, or do both so you can begin to plan your video's plot and shots. This way once you begin to record video and edit it on the computer you have already a set plan to follow. Due February 15. 

Digital Camera (You can use whatever device you own or borrow cameras from the UNO library.)

Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop

Greenscreen Examples
10 Tips for using a green screen;
Peter Campus, Three Transitions;

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