Student Work Spring 2012

Assignment 5: Installation Art
Each student gave an artist presentation during the semester. These presentations introduced the class to many artists that produced Installation Art.  Installation Art is an artistic genre of three-dimensional works that are often site-specific and designed to transform the perception of a space. From this definition, assignment examples, and the examples shown in these artist presentations given by the students the following installation pieces were created. 


Assignment 4: Performance Art a Dada Poem
The class looked toward the Dada movement, specifically Dada performances and poetry, to create and perform their own performance art piece. Here are a few of their performances.

Assignment 3: Stop Motion Animation
This is the second assignment that is in the 4th dimension that allowed them to play with time sequencing and using there own material. Students first created story boards then they had to create their own content using single shot cameras, camera phones, and other personal hand held devices. Please click on the links to view each students work.

Assignment 2: Video Mashup
Students used found video and sound to create a video collage called a mashup. For most students this is the first time ever using video editing software like Premiere and After Effects.

Assignment 1: 3D Rendering/ Stereoscope
Students were asked to use a photo of a space as a reference for a 3D rendering that they produced in the program Maya. Once they had recreated this image of a space in Maya the next step was to take a snap shot of their rendering with Maya's stereo camera. This took two pictures side by side of the rendering to simulate human vision. These snap shots were printed out so they could be viewed in a stereoscope. The end result was the illusion of the restored 3D space that was lost in the referenced photo. The stereo prints were displayed along with stereoscopes in the Sugar Shaft Gallery in the Weber Fine Art Building at UNO. To see all of the students finished stereoscopic images follow this link.

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