Friday, January 25, 2013

Assignment 2

Experimental Instrument, Experimental Sound 

Inspiration: Uber Organ, Tim Hawkinson
Create an instrument of your own design out of found materials. Once you have built your instrument you will be adding a piezo sensor along with an audio jack to it so you are able to amplify your instrument as well as record the sound it makes straight into the computer where it can be edited. The Instrument is due 2/8/13.

Sketchbook Assignment
Draw three instrument designs you would like to create. From these three drawings you will choose one to build as a real instrument that is able to produce sound. With these drawings should be a parts list. Due 1/28/13.

Instrument Examples

How to Amplify Your Instrument
We will cover how to amplify your instrument in class but for examples of what others have done with similar technology follow the link below to

Surface Microphone Parts List
1 piezo sensor
1 audio jack
electrical tape*

Wire stripper and cutter*

*Item supplied by the instructor

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